Bistro Cooking Class in Cannes, France… Love and Romance around the world…

The internet is a wonderful thing. Six years  ago, through a food picture I posted on this blog, a great lady, Eliane, commented. From there, a great virtual relationship began. Eliane is a professional chef, trained under a Michelin Star chef. Even more, Michelin placed her in their listing as a recommended chef, including her cooking school and restaurant, La Serviette Blanche. How cool is that?!?

Though she lives in the south of France (Cannes), and I live in Arizona, we managed to keep in contact via messenger, emails and this wonderful world of social media. Through the years we have gotten to know each other personally and she has been the inspiration of a lot of my menus. We have shared our recipes, prepared them, then shared them with you.

Fast forward six years and my travels have brought me here to Cannes, to at last meet my wonderful friend. I must say, it was quite emotional. So, here I am, sitting with her in her living room, sharing as if we have known each other all our lives. A dream for me.

As a treat, she invited me to attend two of her cooking classes. The one I am sharing today is “Bistro Cooking”. The second, “Desserts”, will be my next post.

We started with deep fried anchovies with capers, olive oil and lemon. A treat served as an “apero bite”, with a glass of cold rose. Bordelaise Hanger Steak with French Fries and Garlic Spinach followed.

The experience was out of this world for me. Seeing firsthand techniques that you will never be able to learn via books. I cannot explain the feeling I had. I came out from her class on cloud nine and with a new love for garlic, as I learned how to make it into a paste. We used it with every part of our meal. Yum! I think you will see more of it on my cooking from now on.

How to baste and let rest the meat. How to perfect French Fries. I can go on for ever and ever.

But, it gets better…. She is coming to Arizona, staying with me and giving cooking classes in the fall, right out of my kitchen. Yes!! I am still pinching myself. A treat to celebrate the launch of my new site.

So… I am leaving you with these few pictures of my experience  from the Bordelaise that Eliane prepared for us.


Sardines deep fried

Deep Fried Sardines with Capers, Olive oil and Lemon Juice.

steak copy

Hanger Steak basted with butter

Bordelaise wine sauce. copy JPG

Bordelaise Sauce

having fun with cameras. copy

Chef Eliane having fun with the camera

cooking group copy

La Serviette Blanche fun cooking group

Pot Roast with Vegetables

It is always a treat to have some extra time to prepare a meal and leaving the hustle and bustle of the day behind and enjoying some fun time in the kitchen. Having a recipe that required to be cooked in the oven… well that is the ultimate dream for me.

Besides having more free time, I love the wonderful aroma that will welcome you and will linger in your house making you hungry for the meal to come.

I do love this recipe and I love how my family cannot wait to sit at the dining table. Not to mentions simple, delicious and great leftover tasting even better the day after.

TIP: You can add peas if you wish when you add the carrots. When selecting the red potatoes make sure that they are all the same size so they all will all cook the same. Insert a knife in the middle of the potatoes to make sure that they are cooked through and done.

Bon Appetit!!!


Pot Roast with Vegetables


1 tablespoon vegetables oil

1 4 pounds boneless chuck roast, rolled and tied

2 onions, chopped fine

4 garlic cloves, chopped fine

1 cup canned crushed tomatoes

¼ cup red-wine vinegar

1 tablespoon firmly packed brown sugar

1 bay leaf

1 pound carrots cut diagonally into 1 inch thick slices

1 ½ pounds small red potatoes, peeled

1 ½ tablespoons cornstarch dissolved in 1 ½ tablespoons cold water

Minced fresh parsley leaves

Preheat the oven to 350°.

In a large heavy flameproof casserole heat the oil over moderately high heat until it is hot but not smoking and in it brown the beef, patted dry and seasoned with salt and pepper on all sides. Transfer the beef to a plate, add the onions and the garlic to the casserole, and cook the mixture over moderate heat, stirring, until the onions are soft and golden.

Stir in the tomatoes, the vinegar, the sugar, the bay leaf, and 2 ½ cups water, bring the mixture to a boil, and add the beef. Braise the beef, covered, in the oven for 1 hour, add the carrots, and braise the mixture covered for 30 minutes. Add the potatoes and braise the mixture, covered, for 30 minutes, or until the beef and the vegetables are tender.

Transfer the beef with slotted spoons to a cutting board and let it stand, covered with aluminum foil, for 10 minutes. Skim the fat from the top of the cooking mixture to a boil. Stir the cornstarch mixture and add enough of it to the boiling cooking mixture, stirring to thicken the gravy to the desired consistency.

Simmer the gravy mixture, stirring occasionally for 2 minutes, season it with salt and pepper, and discard the bay leaf.

Slice the beef, arrange it on a heated platter, and transfer the vegetables with a slotted spoon to the platter. Spoon some of the gravy over the beef and serve the remaining gravy on the side. Garnish with the parsley.

London Broil with Balsamic-Honey Sauce

Happy 1st day of September!!

I am  honored and thrilled to have one of my favorite recipes, London Broil with Balsamic-Honey Sauce to have been selected as the “ Featured Archive Post for the month of September 2013” on Food Frenzy.

Thank you to everyone of you for your love and support.

With gratitude,



1 cup balsamic vinegar
3 tablespoons honey (I used orange blossom)
¼ cup dried cranberries
2 tablespoons Michigan Tart Cherries
2 tablespoons butter
1 2-pound London Broil
2 tablespoons Olive oil
2 tablespoons Balsamic vinegar
2 tablespoons honey
Salt and pepper

In a large glass cooking pan mix the 2 tablespoons balsamic vinegar, 2 tablespoons honey and olive oil. With a fork poke the London broil and add it the glass pan. Turn to insure the meat is well covered with the mixture. Cover and place in the refrigerator for a couple of hours, occasionally turning the meat.

In a small heavy bottom sauce pan add 1 cup balsamic vinegar, 3 tablespoons honey, cranberries and tart cherries. Cook over moderate high heat until reduced by half.

When the right consistency is reached, not too thick nor too thin, turn off the heat and add the butter. Mix well.

Preheated oven at 375º. In a broiling pan (the one with a top part that has slits and sits over a shallow bottom pan) place the London broil. Cook in the oven for 20 minutes. Turn the oven to broil and broil on both sides for about 5 minutes in each side.

Remove from oven, cover and set aside for a couple of minutes. Re-warm the balsamic-vinegar sauce. Slice the meat and serve with the sauce over it.

Fillet Mignon with Butter Sautéed Spinach

Light, simple and fast are the words best describe our dinner last night. A juicy fillet mignon steak butterflied served over a bed of butter sautéed spinach.

I butterflied the steak as it was an 8 ounces and to cook it faster and evenly, I cut it 3/4 thru the middle and paid close attention and turning it often while searing.

To close a perfect evening, we had a great bowl of fresh peaches with a dash of sugar.

Bon Appetit!!


Tonight’s August 22, 2013 dinner:

Fillet Mignon with Butter Sautéed Spinach

Fresh peaches with sugar


1 Fillet mignon per person, butterflied

Spinach stems removed and well washed
Salt and pepper

Place a large skillet over high heat. Sprinkle generously the bottom of the skillet with fine salt. When the skillet is hot add the steaks to sear and turn often.

In a separate skillet melt 2-3 tablespoons of butter and sauté the spinach. Season with salt and pepper.

When welted remove and place on plate and top it with the steak.

Grilled Thick Cut Ribeye Steak with Tomatoes and Radish Salad

With our days getting longer and hotter, we really enjoy grilling on our barbeque, and last night we could not pass up the opportunity for  another meal cooked outside on the grill.
Steak was in our mind after a day of swimming, and a light tomatoes radish salad to go alongside was just the perfect combination.  Dinner was on the table in less than 30 minutes and devoured in less than 5…
As I had the grill going, I added some bread drizzled with olive oil and seasoned with sea salt. Perfect to absorb the remaining juice from the tomatoes salad.
Bon Appetit!!!


Tonight’s June 10, 2013 dinner:
Grilled Thick Cut Ribeye  Steak with Tomatoes and Radish Salad

4 8 ounces boneless ribeye steaks
4 medium tomatoes, seeds removed and cut in small chunks
4 large radishes, thinly sliced
Olive oil
Salt and pepper
Heat the grill to high.
Season the ribeye steaks with abundant salt and pepper. Grill until lightly charred and crusty, 4 minutes. Turn the steaks over, reduce the heat to medium, close the grill hood, and grill until medium-rare, 6-8 more minutes.
Remove the steaks from the heat and let them rest for 5 minutes.
Meanwhile in a bowl place the cut tomatoes, radishes. Season with salt, parsley, olive oil and lemon. Mix well and serve alongside the steaks.


Meat purchased from Pete at Personal Gourmet Foods

Fillet with Spinach

Last night dinner challenged all record on preparing of our dinner: under 15 minutes.

An 8 oz. fillet, butterflied , seared with a shadow of salt on the skillet, and placed over a bed of wilted spinach.

Cooking time: 10 minutes.  Ok… I do like my meat medium rare…

Bon Appetit!!


Steak with Tomato Salad

Having fun in the kitchen again and this time with steak and tomatoes.  Something new and super easy to make. The sauce of the tomatoes with the juicy steak was a good combination and yet very light.
Taste the seasoning of the tomatoes.  It has to have a bit of a tangy taste to it
Bon Appetit!!!


Tonight’s April 18, 2013 dinner:
Steak with Tomato Salad

4 tomatoes cut in small pieces – do not discard the seeds
½ lemon, squeezed
1 tablespoon chopped fresh parsley
1 tablespoon chopped fresh basil
2 green onions, white part finely chopped
2 tablespoons Olive oil
Salt and pepper
4 New York steaks
In a small bowl place the tomatoes, lemon juice, parsley, basil, green onions, olive oil salt and pepper. Mix well and let it rest.
Slightly cover the bottom of a large skillet with salt, and place over high heat. When hot add the steaks and sear them to your desire doneness. 5 minutes per each side for medium rare.
Place the steak on a plate and serve with the tomatoes salad on the side and pour the juice over the steak.